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  • 2015-07-13 Project Management Meeting
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  • Staging ADX in the release process

Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleUnknown User (raff)
  • follow up on status with Rafal on Monday
  • schedule showcase on dev forum for OCL subscription module 1.0
Condition ListUnknown User (emerson)
  • follow up with Emerson on next Monday's project management call
OpenMRS Web FrameworkUnknown User (burke)
  • Jamie is try to schedule some time for Darius and Burke to talk about action plan for REST
Vertical PackagingUnknown User (burke)
Administrative functionsUnknown User (wyclif)
  • sprint will start 27 July
Order EntryUnknown User (darius)
  • need to have design call w/ Darius, Jonathan & Burke to continue discussion around 2.3
Support for MariaDB 
  • Burke to follow up with Cintia
Java 8 supportUnknown User (wyclif)
  • need to have community discussion about platform strategy and timing
  • Wyclif to closed Trunk-4550
Upgrade Underlying TechnologiesUnknown User (raff)
  • Burke suggests that we should do a quick spike to see if we can optionally introduce the class in Java
  • Burke will invite some people to the Talk thread to see if they can take an afternoon to work on this, including MA Corrales
Volunteer Release ManagersUnknown User (jthomas)
  • Burke to respond to Jamie's drafted request for volunteers for the release and platform manager
Distribution UpdatesUnknown User (ddesimone)
  • PIH would like to demo their registration module on a dev forum

Action items