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Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafal Korytkowski
  • Jonathan says the full CIEL dictionary and the test dataset will be ready by the end of today. After he verifies everything, he'll send out instructions for testing and module development -- to be safe, let's plan on tomorrow.
Condition ListÉmerson Hernandez
OpenMRS Web FrameworkBurke Mamlin
Vertical PackagingBurke Mamlin
Administrative functionsWyclif Luyima
  • have put together some tickets (Open tickets labeled as "adminui" in JIRA: 8 issues)
  • planning to start sprint July 6 but need list of new features plus the existing and then email devs on talk
Basic Order Entry for meds and testsDarius Jazayeri
  • will need to reschedule design forum (w/ at least Darius, Burke, Jonathan)
Support for MariaDB 
  • Burke is making sure Cintia has what she needs to proceed
Java 8 supportWyclif Luyima


Upgrade Underlying TechnologiesRafal Korytkowski
FHIR SupportSuranga Kasthurirathne
  • going back to support FHIR OpenMRS 1.10
  • it seems to run against 1.11
  • plan to release FHIR 1.0 module with 1.0 spec
Remove Legacy UIBurke Mamlin
  • GSoC student making progress
  • after 1-2 admin features are working from module will then get work into core

Action items