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  • Prioritizing whats on the road map.

Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafal Korytkowski
  • Burke sent out a note to Andy Kanter, Jonathan Payne, Rafal and Steven Wanyee to see where we stand (responses below)
  • API functionality is live 
  • work happening on issues with the data import script 
  • can use OCL on the production server ( - only has a subset of the CIEL dictionary live right now
  • full dictionary should be live any day now Jonathan will begin testing with Rafal and the KenyaEMR team shortly after
  • Rafal says the module has not been updated to use the changed API for querying a full export., so not ready for live testing
  • Jamie posted to the implementers on 23 April about 2.3 planning dev forum and will send out a reminder
  • Want to assign "champions" to help support features. Note necessarily to do the work but to make sure things are moving forward.
  • Jamie asked for community volunteers on 1 May for MariaDB and will send out a reminder
  • Web Framework on 6 May design call
  • Vertical Packaging on 18 May Design Call?
  • Wyclif Luyima will champion Administration Functions to get the community involved in mock ups (relates to GSoC 2014) 
  • Basic order entry, will be taking some of the real-time order entry work from the Ebola project to move this forward. On 13 May design call?
  • Features
    • Java 8 support - Wyclif overseeing the Java 8 process and inviting devs to get involved
    • Upgrade Underlying Technologies - Rafal good contact for Spring and Hibernate TRUNK-4584 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • FHIR Support - Suranga to champion
    • Remove Legacy UI - Burke to champion (GSoC project)
  • create JIRA projects for GSoC?
  • what goes in CI?
  • all resources are available as needed and we can create new resources if something is not available

Action items