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Apr 20, 2015



Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafal Korytkowski
  • 15 April - Jonathan Payne said they are waiting for some bug fixes. Bugs should be fixed this week and be able to use in production the week of 20 April. Once this is done Rafal Korytkowski will finalize the subscription module on our end.

OpenMRS 2.2

Sri Maurya Kummamuru
PM Call Format 
  • would like to see more implementer group engagement on the PM calls
  • to be more inclusive of large things that implementation groups are doing (ie. Bahmni is talking about decision support) Would be great to get in the mix of our PM discussions so we can better align
  • other groups to reach out to: PIH - Haiti, KenyaEMR, OpenSRP?, AMPATH?
OpenMRS 2.3  
  • targeting September 2015
  • What are our priorities for OpenMRS 2.3?  Should we poll the community (i.e., implementations) on priorities again? Need list of large implementation
  • have a list of OpenMRS strategic features - the list may be too much work for 2.3 (need to prioritize this list and leave room for implementer needs/wants)
  • add upgrade latest versions of underlying technologies to the road ma (ie. spring, hibernate, java8)
  • need to start writing down design features to help get community members started

Action items

  • Burke Mamlin and Jamie Thomas will work on polling the community and specific groups for priorities in OpenMRS 2.3
  • Sri Maurya Kummamuru to mail the developers list with an updateon OepnMRS 2.2, including a list of modules he needs help releasing