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  • US telephone number: +1 201.479.2627



  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
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OpenMRS Developers Forum 2015-04-09
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Michael Downey
  • Sandeep Raparthi
  • Sara Armson
  • Tim Nicholson
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Ryan Yates
  • Ada Yeung
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Rafal
  • Tharunya
  • tmueller
  • Willa Mhawila
  • Parker Erway
  • Mike Seaton
Agenda & Notes
  • Review old TODOs
  • TODO: Notify presenters about their dev forum topics
  • Android and/or iOS Client project
  • mUzima (Ada)
  • Website:
  • Teleconsultation
  • Trying to reduce need for specialists to go into the field – i.e., allow specialists to "reach" more people.
  • User completes a consultation form (like any encounter)
  • Consultant "specialist" sees incoming requests on the server
  • Notifications from specialist are sent to the mobile device
  • iOS Client (Harsha Siriwardena & Parker?)
  • Android Client (nobody present to present)
  • When does a community project move to the OpenMRS GitHub organization?
  • After Action Review
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • What can we do better?
  • Preview Next Week
  • Converting to MariaDB or PostgresDB


Outstanding TODOs  (${entries.size()} issues)

Summary Assignee Created Due

Create a TODO:


  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)



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