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Mar 30, 2015



  • Release 2.2 on 31 March!

Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafal Korytkowski
  • OCL server is still having issues serving content for our module. We are waiting for it to be fixed.
  • Product owner for version oneshould be someone from KenyaEMR
  • talk to Jonathan about common vision for OCL and OpoenMRS
OpenMRS 2.2 
  • need to go thru unresolved OpenMRS 2.2 issues
  • concern around 2.2 bugs so believe we should delay release one week to have testing of modules done
  • need to test modules against 1.11
  • need to revise OpenMRS 2.2 release notes
  • create list of tasks for going thru outstanding tickets (list)
  • create strategy/list of tasks to go thru basic functionality for distributed modules (list)
  • consolidate any tips for distributed module for the module pages and to the owners
  • deadline one week?
  • every module that is bundled should be tested authors/owners can probably help if directed to environment where they can test
Condition ListEmerson Hernandez
  • 9 JIRA tickets
  • when we have questions around stories and epics where to get them answered? answer: mailing list, talk, design calls
  • need to get things working in EMR API
  • Darius thinks there is a need to have a web services ticket
  • would like to set up a showcase for condition list on a design call or dev forum

Action items