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Mar 02, 2015



  • Go through open items for 2.2 (release March 31st, 2015)

Discussion items

OCL-CIEL moduleRafal Korytkowski
  • OCL server should be ready today (3/2)
  • Rafal & Nicholas to work on module this week.
Drug Lookup for Allergy releaseDaniel Kayiwa
  • we were blocked on deciding what is needed to allow CIEL to indicate preferred names. Need to follow up with Burke and possibly Andy.
OpenMRS 2.2 
  • Would like to have OpenMRS 2.2 showcase on the 3/5 dev call. Showcase; Register, Chart Search, Condition List, Is it ready what more needs to be done?
  • Wyclif to spike on installing new Appointment module into ref app. Will decide on 3/5 if he has anything for the dev call showcase.

OpenMRS 2.2 Release Management

Sri Maurya Kummamuru
  • Maurya and Darius walked through the list of modules (in above link) that may or may not need to be in a release ready state by 15 March 2015 (giving people 10 days for testing)
  • Darius will be sending an email to follow up with developers on modules they are "assigned" to to find out if they are ready for release for 2.2
  • Darius is owning reporting rest module release
  • Maurya will release idgen and formentryapp module
  • Mike Seaton will release htmlwidget, reporting, and namephonetics
  • Maurya will reorganize his list to better divide up what modules are done and which are still in progress

Action items