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Feb 23, 2015



Discussion items

OCL-CIELUnknown User (raff)
  • Believe work on the OCL server was completed on 2/22, waiting to hear from Jonathan Payne if it is ready to go. 
  • We will start adjusting the OpenMRS module as soon as we get access to the final version of the OCL server.
Mozilla Public License (MPL) 
  • merging pull requests is a prerequisite to license changes 
  • merged some and were left with 9 with conflicts - Unknown User (k.joseph) is working on conflict resolution
OpenMRS 2.2Unknown User (maurya)
  • OpenMRS 2.2 is about to be released by March 31st. 
  • 2.2 will be released on top of API version 1.11
  • Included new modules: Registration, Chart Search, Appointment Scheduling, Appointment scheduling UI
  • Trying to get feedback from the community on what ticket(s) they would like to make sure are in the new 2.2 modules so these tickets can be completed
  • Michael asked Maurya to join next week PM call

Action items