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Jan 05, 2015



  • Still shooting for March release 2.2

Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafał Korytkowski & Nicholas Ingosi
  • need to get an update from Rafal and Nicholas
Release Platform 1.11Daniel Kayiwa
  • beta version already out
  • need to come up with a plan for a full release
Drug Lookup for Allergy releaseDaniel Kayiwa
  • needed to fix some issues in CIEL dictionary and upgrade scripts
  • RA-297 - Drug Lookup WAITING FOR TEST is blocked on deciding what is needed to allow CIEL to indicate preferred names.
  • need feedback from Andy on what names should be in the upgrade - still need 1.6?
2.2 - Program-based Workflow 
  • further discussion would need to happen around program-based workflow to make this happen and so there may need to be further discussion in Maputo if PIH would like to push this forward
2.2 - Condition List 
  • join 1/12 design forum for update or ready showcase on Thursday call?
2.2 - Basic Order Entry for meds and tests 
  • Jonathan will not be on Wednesday's design call so may talk about order groups
  • PIH Wed for brain dump on priorities for point of care
2.2 - Registration 
2.2 - Appointment Scheuling 
  • remind Bahmni and iTECH team about demo on thursday
REST Web Service Enhancements 
  • check with Emerson to see if there are any current issues
2.2 - Integrating Multiple Servers 
  • trying to schedule for when Ryan Crichton comes back from leave

Action items

  • Jamie reach out to Rafal and Nicolas for an update on OCL subscription module and where we can find updates. Dashboard?
  • Burke email developers list to start the conversation for coming up with a plan for a full release of 1.11
  • Burke will email Andy Kanter to decide what is needed to allow CIEL to indicate preferred names so the they are correct when we upgrade, still need to be 1.6?
  • Jamie email Bahmni team on condition list status
  • Jamie to schedule upcoming design call forums around features for 2.2 release