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Dec 15, 2014



Discussion items

Allergy 2.1.1Daniel Kayiwa
  • look up widget has issues, Daniel will send email to better explain
  • release manager discussion early January
  • early Janaury remind KenyaEMR to be prepared to talk about UI convergence at Maputo
  • Burke to identify who asked for basic order and try to get a bit more specific around needs
  • Migration Strategy is not on the design call schedule yet. Depends on which items make it into 2.2.

Action items

  • Jamie Thomas will verify that the Bahmni Team has their own tool for tracking the condition list work and will not be using the OpenMRS board.
  • Burke MamlinJamie Thomas to take a look at the condiditon list board and how to prioritize it.
  • Burke Mamlin will research the specifics around the need for basic order entry feature for 2.2
  • Jamie Thomas will reach out to David DeSimone to find out what the plans are for registration sprint. PIH or community sprint?
  • Jamie Thomas to email Vivek Singh to see if someone from his team call present appointment scheduling on January dev forum