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Dec 01, 2014



  • Release 2.1.1 by week of 8-December

Discussion items

Concept ManagementRafał Korytkowski
  • Waiting on changes from OCL team.
Platform 1.11Daniel Kayiwa
  • alpha release is out
  • only OpenMRS core
  • Daniel was going to test w/ reference application and see what needs fixed
  • need to create next steps for getting web service to work with 1.11 and moving on to beta
  • Daniel will talk with Joesph about next steps and
  • 1.11 needs to work under 2.2
2.1.1Daniel Kayiwa
  • still trying to get released by week of 8-December. 

  • the following tickets need to be completed this week. RA-465 - Getting issue details... STATUS RA-466 - Getting issue details... STATUS RA-297 - Getting issue details... STATUS - 1-2 days for investigation (was working at one time)

  • did a review of condition list tickets on today's design call
  • Jamie is working to schedule 2.2 features on design calls
  • Jamie will create a condition list dashboard - RA-209 - Getting issue details... STATUS is the epic of tickets from the original sprint
OpenMRS Getting Started Documentation Review 

Action items