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Oct 13, 2014



Discussion items


Daniel Kayiwa / Wyclif Luyima

 1.11Daniel Kayiwa
  • creating another sprint to move that forward
  • volunteers do not have any tickets to test
  • over half of the tickets have been tested and passed
  • need more dev hands/time to do code review
 Condition Lists

Darius Jazayeri / Burke Mamlin

  • Bahmni team will soon be writing some code - need to be ready to do some code review in the next two weeks
 Technical Roadmap UpdatesBurke Mamlin
  • 2.1 is out
  • Allergy updates
  • Next month milestones
    • OCL-CIEL subscription module
    • condition list
    • 2.1 triaging incoming bug reports
    • working more effectively w/ KenyaEMR
 Community Development Swim Lane  
  • need to look at how we are using developer cycles
  • create a queue of tickets that mean the most to the community and could be handled first
  • leverage working with implementations on OCL-CIEL module
  • use a portion of the PM call looking at tickets and how they are tended
  • what is an effective way to come up with backlog of top 10 implementer tickets?
  • detecting important tickets by community priority labeling and votes?
  • community dev leader would maintain list and present the list on PM call so we can take a look at the top 10

Action items

  • Daniel Kayiwa need to reach out to the community for help on 1.11 ticket review and give them overall explanation of how to approve
  • Burke Mamlin will write up  a proposal for creating a queue for tickets and send it out to the implementers list for feedback
  • Burke Mamlin  will create a strawman around expectations for core community projects and the community - Rafal and Nicholas will use this for the OCL-CEIL subscription module