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Oct 06, 2014



  • Release 2.1 today!
  • Get 1.11 out the door.

Discussion items

 2.1Darius Jazayeri
  • Blocker late Friday: get a privilege error if you try to view the Visit screen with the doctor role in the demo data: RA-415 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Issue will be addressed on todays design call
  • Release today!
 AllergiesDaniel Kayiwa
  • Get drug look up in to allegy release RA-297 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Darius thinks it will take one more week of work to get this wrapped up for 1.0
  • Daniel Kayiwa focusing on this release this week as Shasha is on vacation
  • Need to start next 1 week sprint for allergies
  • Need to get this out the door
  • Will be our focus next week.
 Condition List  
  • Rafał Korytkowski and Nicholas Ingosi have started subscription module
  • Rafał Korytkowski and Nicholas Ingosi should be tracking progress via sprint board and standups on IRC
  • There should be a project catch up around what is happening and how it fits in at an engineering level with the overall technical roadmap
  • Darius suggests standup weekly with engineering team to be clear on paths teams are taking going forward, use some design call time
  • Burke suggests project teams make work more transparent using JIRA for ticket management thus benifical because teams will be more organized
  • Agreed that projects should have wiki page, dashboard of WIP, participate in daily scrums, each iteration a showcase on design call or dev forum - technical lead would be in charge of making sure this happens
  • Daniel suggests adding some incentatives for teams as people may find these contributions to be a hinderance to production
  • Ideas for where teams can benefit: community resource directed to help, using JIRA to stay more organized, community dev swim lane lead can queue up blocker
  • Burke Mamlin will create a strawman around expectations for core community projects and the community - start with OCL-CEIL subscription module
  • How to track we are on track with these types of projects?
 Swm Lanetalk about on next call
  • creating a queue of tickets for dev swim lane (useful tickets instead of new)

Action items

  • Darius Jazayeri will release 2.1 today
  • Daniel Kayiwa finishing up the remaining items for allergies this week. 
  • Daniel Kayiwa to create sprint board for allergies next sprint today
  • Burke Mamlin  will create a strawman around expectations for core community projects and the community - Rafal and Nicholas will use this for th OCL-CEIL subscription module