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Sep 15, 2014



Discussion items

 1.10Wyclif Luyima
  • If there is nothing specific our plan would be to release 1.10 this week.
 1.11Daniel Kayiwa
  • Still delayed with resource issues.
 2.1 / AllergiesUnknown User (shasha)
  • Daniel Kayiwa - Dev Test 01 is failing for allergies can you look into it?
  • Need to review the board to see what is left to build
  • Need help from Unknown User (akanter) with CEIL and once that has been resolved then there will be some work to be done to meet that. (see Unknown User (shasha) for more details) Ticket - RA-347
  • Mostly completed, but need Devtest to complete
  • Demo can be slated for this Thursday's Dev Forum


 OCL- CEILBurke Mamlin
  • Unknown User (paul) is scheduled to talk to ITECH Friday
  • Excellent opportunity to get ITECH / Kenya EMR programmers on board with working on OpenMRS together
  • Need to work on getting a sprint or two lined up for this activity
  • Work to be done to get US built
 Design Call 
  • Problem Lists with Bahmni
  • Wednesday


  1. 1.10 release
  2. 2.1 and Allergies
  3. 1.11

Action items