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Aug 18, 2014



  • Last Weeks Action Items
  • Status Updates
  • PM Transition Plan

Discussion items

 Review of Last Weeks Action ItemsEveryone
    • Shasha Liu and Daniel Kayiwa - Keep track on progress on this sprint, is there a backlog in the "ready to test column" etc
    • Wyclif Luyima Place 1.10 into Production - Discuss this with the Bahmani team to see if they are ready
    • Daniel Kayiwa get a list together of outstanding 1.11 issues to help push them to test the issue.  So that we can get their organization to help resolve.
    • Burke Mamlin , Wyclif LuyimaDarius Jazayeri, and Chris Power to discuss how to find leaders for the work on Road map work.
      • Some refocused work on this is needed
 Status Updates 
  • 1.10
    • 2 tickets still in review- should be ready by the end of the week.
    • Preparing to release
    • Bhamani will ready for testing in production (we hope) Will talk more about this on today's design call.
  • 1.11
    • Need a communication push for testing 1.11
    • Current 1.11 sprint is focused on just testing
    • Another Dev sprint is necessary to complete the work remaining.
  • Allergies
    • Sprint 1 completed 9 tickets
    • Sprint 2 started, email communication was sent out
    • Setting Up the Design call August 20th on this topic
    • Design Call Wednesday
      • How does the module interact with OCL API?
      • Workflow questions maybe for Andrew Kanter surrounding KenyaEMR's work (can these be added to the document so that I can respond)?

 PM Transition Plan 
 Ask OpenMRSMichael Downey
  • Attempt to focus time on answering questions on Ask OpenMRS
 Open Discussion 
  • Scrum/sprints are failing
    • How do we move to a more Git process or a different type of work package?
  • Draft of a model for Development

Action items