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Jun 30, 2014



Discussion items

Review Of Action Items From Last WeekChris Power
  • Community Swimlane rotation back in effect
  • Types of Work Page
    • Not started yet
 1.10 Update and DiscussionWyclif Luyima
  • Review the dashboard
    • 1 unassigned ticket
  • Looking to release the 1.10 beta on July 10th
  • Getting more focus on 1.10
    • Rafał Korytkowski We believe him as well as others have spent some additional time on this.
 1.11 DiscussionDaniel Kayiwa
  • Ticket triage should be completed by tomorrow
  • Most tickets are very small tickets, have not found a complex ticket/work to be reviewed
  • Release Notes
    • Getting release notes by broad swap instead of just going individual.
  • Maybe there might be a handful of complex tickets for review
  • Test the heck out of it
  • Partner Implementation?

 Future planning 
  • Get some dates around
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • Allergy
    • Really create a work schedule (aka The Roadmap)

Action items