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  • 2014-06-04 Project Management Meeting
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May 28, 2014



Discussion items

10 minsLast Weeks Action Items  
10minHousehold DataJames Arbaugh
10 mins1.10 Release UpdateWyclif Luyima
  • 4 tickets still left to resolve from the promotion
  • Reaching out to the community implementers and have them run the upgrade script
10 mins1.11 Discussion 
  • Dev call in 8 days should be set to follow up on 1.11
10 minsRoadmap DatesUnknown User (shasha)
  • Reviewed Reference Application Road Map
    • Need to look for Epics and build them out. Get user stories So that we can build them out further.
    • Created Product requirements for these tasks
  • Aspirational Dates
    • Possibly more like priorities
    • Page has been reshifted
 Open Discussion  

Action items