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Session 1: Growth of Development Community - Burke Mamlin and Unknown User (darius)

  • Post career path stages (/dev/null 1-5) for devs w/ detail descriptions (deadline GSoC – February)
  • The full & partial contributor goes away!  We are now using numbers. Do not refer to classification as levels when communicating as this will create confusion and mixed messaging.
  • Create/document process for developer stages and where it is communicated
  • Document governance (How do people level up?)
  • Talk to DevOps team (ie, Cyntia and Michael) about the creation of a QA position for testing
  • Paul Biondich and Unknown User (jteich) to find outside consultant to describe typical software development QA process (not relevant anymore)
  • Unknown User (sunbiz) determine whether OpenMRS establishes MOOC opportunity for community members and determine timeline for a start. 
  • Create a list of bug fixes for GSoC (by February)
  • Create/document process to clean up inactive ticket items (Unknown User (jthomas) to speak w/ Burke Mamlin)

Session 2: Partnerships - Chris Seebregts

  • Schedule some time with Burke Mamlin to discuss the development of a “partnership “triangle”
  • Operationalize the “partnership triangle” - potentially using new Mozambique? partnership with Unknown User (janflowers) (BL 6/15 seems like this is proceeding, TW,MZ,UCSF,I-TECH,OMRS)
  • Chris Seebregts to work with Unknown User (sunbiz) on different MOOC partnership opportunities
  • Put in nomination to the leadership list for 2 partnership co-leads (Bill Lober & Jan Flowers)
  • Partnership team to review and revise partnership function for 2015 in its current state as in relation to the last year. (BL 6/15 lots of discussion spring 2015)
  • Create new version of MOU with SES then send to the leadership list for review and feedback (BL 6/15 We don't really have a single SES-relationship lead, Daruis is TW-relationship lead?)
  • Paul BiondichChris Seebregts, and Unknown User (ajensen) to speak about PIH partnership (next 6mth) 

Session 3: Strategy - Unknown User (hamish)

  • Paul Biondich and Unknown User (hamish) to document, test and create process around vetting crosscutting strategic directions for OpenMRS on leadership communication forums
    • Examples:  approach to aggregate reporting, integration with mobile technologies, integration with lab systems, approach to emergent disease threats
    • needs "steward" function to be created
  • Create wiki page for queuing up topics that need to be vetted (e.g. Ebola, HIV care, etc.)

Session 4: Leadership – Paul Biondich

  • Document on the wiki…
    • create general guidance on basic attributes of an OpenMRS leader
    • process for new leaders to be nominated
    • document roles onto the leadership team page
    • make a list and contact people who did not think they were OpenMRS leaders and talk to them about leadership straw man
    • get campers on mailing list then send out how to join calls and schedule?? (deadline by December 5th)
    • schedule a leadership call where Board members can join? Get Board these action items?
  • consider revisions of existing leadership org structure, revise top level leadership structure if necessary, leaders will nominate below that
  • create transparency of leadership topics, decisions and communications for the community

Session 5: OpenMRS Inc. - Paul Biondich

  • Send campers business model
  • Research and fill fund raiser role (may try to talk w/ Board, PIH, Megan Miller) (e.g. Zach Rogeff, Campaign Manager) (Unknown User (hamish) agreed to help)
  • Iterate Inc. business plan based on concept notes and such for more money
  • Email OpenMRS Inc. 6mth financials to the leadership list
  • Clearly define and document what can be done with fundraising money, depends on the source (Unknown User (hamish) would like to talk about this idea further)
  • 2015 Q2 fundraising!!

Session 6: Regional Communities – Unknown User (surangak) & Unknown User (pascal) (Regional Community Managers)

Other Meeting Action Items

  • Training and Educational Activities



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  1. Unknown User (terry)

    Jamie sent the link to this site today to help inform me about what was discussed/ envisioned/ planned during last years camp. It may make sense to at least review these, see which are still appropriate for action, and include them in the (hopeful) action plan for the coming year. In addition, we can / should use this to 'write up' some short annual report for the community.