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How To Join

Contact Unknown User (jthomas) for more information on how to join the call.


Leads Present Role

  • Andy Kanter (15 min)
    • Q&A (10 min)
  • Chris Seebregts (15 min)
    • Q&A (10 min)

Meeting Minute

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  • Jamie Thomas
  • Andy Kanter
  • Michael Downey
  • Chris Seebregts
Paul - Working in Tanzania
Burke - Traveling Back to US from Kenya
Darius - Vacation
  • Discuss Partnership Role
  • Focus on producing documentation and promoting partnerships - could use some assistance with promotion
  • IMO & Columbia Partnership
  • Andy working to put together concept note by user group meeting
  • Michael worries about the over extension of Paul in regards to relationship manager for partnerships
  • CRM  - Customer Relationship Management
  • Did 30 day trial with SalesForce but without detemination status we can not go past the 30 day trial to get the free version
  • C - don't feel we have a defined goal with the partnerships. Feel held back as people want to speak with Paul or toher decision makers
  • Need to figure out how to balance the give and take that different partnerships bring to the table.
  • Will work on objective outsider documentation 
  • Terminology
  • Been doing alot of work with OCL, IMO, and CIEL
  • Discussions with OpenHIE community - tention between curated terminolgy apporach - like CIEL has done for OpenMRS 
  • Strawman representation of how IMO can help CIEL by #OMRS13
  • Do not feel that Columbia will back this - think we might need a PPP
  • Chris suggests that Andy and himself talk tomorrow about creating a use case out of the relationship examples Andy is seeing
  • Hamish - School of Public Health in Rwanda got operational research grant - Hamish and Richard are PIs
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