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How To Join

Contact Unknown User (jthomas) for more information on how to join the call.


Lead Discussions

  • Chris Seebregts
  • Michael Downey


Meeting Minute

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  • Leads
  • Chris Seebregt - Partnership Role
  • Been working on creating infrastructure and reaching out to various partners (e.g., low resource, larger)
  • Have been getting good traction from resource constrained enviroments - looking for implementation support and creating financial relationships
  • Match making partners with a suitable part of OMRS fo them
  • Been looking at exsisting partnerships and partnerships we can support in the future - developing a model for these partnerships
  • Paul believes that we should distinguish the difference between being informed, and being accountable for partnerships - arguing that chris should always be informed and often accountable others can be accountable as the needs arise
  • Would like to put together a framework for inquiries
  • Starting to create a list of OMRS partnerships
  • Chris is going to an Away Day with TW this weekend - explore TW partnerships
  • Hamish - it is important for us to know what partnership would look like.
  • Paul - entities that any leads engage with need to be expressed to Chris
  • May be helpful to document what partnership is and partners out on the wiki - what collection of attributes are important
  • Chris will speak with Michael about getting wiki pages put together
  • Michael Downey - Community Role
  • How new entities/individuals approach the community with ideas of how to get involved
  • NEW CONTACT WORKFLOW: Initial contact/interest, targeted information and request for follow-up, triage follow-ups and routing to mentor/resource, follow-up (as needed)
  • CONTRIBUTOR ACCOMPLISHMENT PATHS/SETS: Engineering, Mentored Programs, Community, TBD
  • Engineering Accomplishments
  • Navigator (voted N issues)
  • Report N accepted bugs or submit code for N bugs
  • Participate in N sprints or launch N mini-projects
  • Partial Committer (keep?)
  • Full Committer (keep?)
  • Lead N design reviews or university trainings
  • Sprint Leader
  • Pair program as a mentor for N new contributors
  • Development manager
  • Mentored Programs Accomplishments
  • Apply for internship
  • Accepted for internship
  • Completed internship
  • Mentor
  • Repeat mentor
  • Organization admin
  • Community Accomplishments
  • Curate N bug reports
  • Contribute X (documentation)
  • Join and participate (N meetings) in roadmap planning council
  • Host N OpenMRS meetups/events/talks
  • Lead N sessions/events at a global event
  • Ambassador: Organize regional activities
  • Contributor of the Month
  • Assume a leadership role
  • These will be going up online
  • Next time would like to talk about coordinating smaller projects
  • Code of conduct around participation? Need to put together some drafts documenting community participation
  • Next call Hamish and Paul to present.
  • Update
  • Financial Support - OMRS13
  • Leadership person to contact potentinal sponsors:
  • Google - Paul wil most likely reach out
  • ThoughtWorks - Paul will reach out
  • Merck - Paul will reach out
  • Skoll Foundation - Need to look more into this. Does Hamish already of contacts?
  • Rockefeller Foundation - Not realistic to ask them. Rockefeller Kenya may be something to look into.
  • Need to look at the financial pathway and will discuss this in more detail next week
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