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28 February 2012

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • Engineering Role Overview - Burke
  • Q&A
  • RoadMap & Leadership w/ Chris Power

Meeting Minute

View at

Jamie Thomas
Michael Downey
Chris Power
Paul Biondich
Burke Mamlin
Mike Seaton
Darius Jazayeri
Hamish Fraser

RoadMap w/ Chris Power (20 min)
Engineering Role Overview w/ Burke (30 min)
Q&A (10 min)


  • Engineering Role Overview w/ Burke
    • Link to Burke's role description -
    • 2013 Goals - could get better defined
    • define development roles to get people more engaged
    • get implementations more involved in development and work towards sustainablility
    • tangible maturation of our continious deployment practices
    • would like to get metrics in place to track what devs are working on
    • Have broke out the roles of the develpment team -
    • Business Analyst
    • Community Development Leader
    • Dedicated Sprinter
    • OMRS Development Manager
    • Technical Leader for Sprint
  • Q&A
    • P - Burke has done a good job of setting up metrics so we can measure how we are doing. Would like to see others do this as well over the year.
    • P - Before those leading development were laying out the road map and this is not the nbest way to create the RoadMap.
    • Need to define the RoadMap - focus on community process
    • B - Focus in the near future is to improve on sprinting process, reference application, GSoC, handle on where to get metrics and pushing those to get started, documentation is a high priority but not sure how we will move forward
    • MD - Need for Release Manager - to bundle something up and get it out the door from time to time
    • D - Would like to talk about an Application Development Lead
  • RoadMap w/ Chris Power
    • Struggling to get the RoadMap process started
    • Would like to see all the leads having a hand in the RoadMap but not a single persons responsibility - group or rotating responsibility?
    • Establish tracks for RoadMap?
    • Need to redefine what the roadmap is and is not
    • Agile needs the highlevel strategy to help move things forward
    • There could be different RoadMaps down the line but think we should focus on one first.
    • No fundamental theme on which the RoadMap is targeted
    • each of the five leads along with paul will work to create the first RoadMap - version 1 out in a month
    • There is a RoadMap mailing list and all the leads will need to be added to the list
    • RoadMap Planning -
    • TODO: Chris P. will come up with a date for version one of the RoadMap from the leads
    • TODO: Chris P./Paul will come up with a process for the leads to move forward with creating the roadmap
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