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Implementers Meeting 2013

8-11 October 2013
The Noble Conference Centre
Eldoret, Kenya

About the event

The annual Implementers Meeting began in 2006 as a way to bring members of the community together during a dedicated amount of time to collaborate, share implementation experiences, and find ways to improve OpenMRS.

Who should attend

  • People new to OpenMRS who want to connect to others using the platform around the world
  • Experienced OpenMRS implementers who want to share their experiences and learn from others
  • OpenMRS platform developers - anyone building systems to integrate with or extend OpenMRS
  • Developers of related health and healthcare application software
  • You!

Why you should attend

This meeting provides an opportunity for developers to collaborate and improve their technical skills in OpenMRS, implementers to share their best practices from implementations, and users to propose and prioritize their top features in future releases of the software. As we introduced last year, the 2012 Implementers Meeting may also include visits to OpenMRS implementation sites along with a discussion afterward for participants to share their experience and suggestions.

Event Sponsors

Contact events (at) for sponsorship opportunities.

Coming soon!


We have prepared an initial framework schedule for the event. As with any unconference, the schedule is subject to change before and during the event. Visit and bookmark for the current schedule.

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  1. Which is the "real" schedule... or sched?  I'm assuming sched, since its the one at and has the right skin.

    Where is the list of proposed topics for the meeting?  I know they exist, but I don't see the link at or or on this page.

    1. I found for proposing session topics.  It would be nice to advertise that link fairly prominently on the event page.