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22 December 2011

How To Join

Contact Unknown User (dawn) for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Michael Downey
Hamish Fraser
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Burke Mamlin
Mike Seaton
Chris Seebregts
Dawn Smith
Ben Wolfe



Topic Leader(s)




Andy's Update on the Call with Mitchell Baker

Unknown User (akanter)



Purpose: Share with the group how the discussion with Mitchell Baker went last Friday

Paul's Update on the Call with Mitchell Baker

Unknown User (paul)



Purpose: Share Mitchell's decision about joining the OpenMRS Board of Directors

Annual Leadership Meeting

Unknown User (dawn)



Purpose: Deciding on the location: New York or Indiana

Core OpenMRS Distribution

Unknown User (darius)



Purpose:Time for framing the idea of releasing a bundle of OpenMRS core + modules rather than releasing OpenMRS core 1.10 with bundled modules

OSOCON 2012 Proposals Updates

Unknown User (michael)



Purpose: Discuss possible proposal topics for OpenMRS at OSCON 2012 and who best to present them


Andy's Update on the Call with Mitchell Baker

  • Andy: Mitchell was well prepped by the time she called me. She was busy with Mozilla and turning down offers right and left. Yet she said there was something very special about OpenMRS and hard to refuse opportunity.
  • Andy: I told Mitchell about how MVP uses OpenMRS as outcomes based, and how we chose OpenMRS because of its design and community.
  • Andy: It was a positive experience. She can certainly scale our organization and improve the software.

Paul's Update on the Call with Mitchell Baker

  • Paul: I talked to Mitchell for several months now, and yesterday she agreed to be on the board. It's a testament to the hard work you all have done and the organization.
  • Paul: She had a great conversation with Joe Mamlin at AMPATH.
    Paul: She's fully engaged and providing us advice from her legal counsel at Mozilla. Karl said Mitchell's acceptance is a testament to our work and helping us integrate more into the open source community.

Side Notes:

  • Andy: We need to make sure we put together our operational plans and communicate that to the Board.
  • Hamish: The question coming up is that we've put a lot of time and effort into the framework of the organization, and now it's time to figure out what that organization is going to do. We need to understand the approach to this.

Annual Leadership Meeting

  • Dates are still to be determined: March 1-2 or March 8-9 2012
  • Location: Either New York or Indiana
    • NY Pros: Good for Chris S. to make it since he's traveling the farthest. Great way to engage Columbia University and have them become stronger partners with OpenMRS
    • Indy Pros: Most of the leadership group is in Indy, so that saves $$.
    • NY Cons: Cost of hotels
    • Indy Cons: Annoying to get to because there aren't many, if any, non-stop flights

Core OpenMRS Distribution

OSCON 2012 Proposals Updates

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