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15 December 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Michael Downey
Hamish Fraser
Burke Mamlin
Mike Seaton
Dawn Smith
Ben Wolfe



Topic Leader(s)




OSOCON 2012 Proposals

Michael Downey



Purpose: Discuss possible proposal topics for OpenMRS at OSCON 2012

2012 Implementers Meeting Updates

Dawn Seymour



Purpose: Give updates on the 2012 Implementers Meeting. This year's goal is to put a process in place to get the meeting settled earlier.

SMART Apps Round 2

Ben Wolfe, Darius Jazayeri


Road Map

Purpose: Updates on the SMART apps in OpenMRS

Reference Implementations and their role in the Road Map

Mike Seaton


Purpose: Document ways in which we can better engage implementation sites' contributions to the road map


OSCON 2012 Proposals

  • Michael: OSCON is the largest open source conference. There were ~4,000 people last year, and they have a call open for presentations. There are a few tracks that we may find opportunity with OpenMRS: 1) health care track, 2) open source community, 3) business and open source, 4) open source platform and 5) programming languages.
    • Michael: The audience is already tech-minded. There are individuals trying to integrate open source into health care as well.
    • Michael: I can send links of presentations from last year.
    • Michael: The call for papers is 12 January 2012
  • Burke: What are some of the benefits:
    • Michael: Larger open source projects present at OSCON, and we've received some help from people I've met there. It's a good way to form stronger relationships with project.
  • Hamish: What are some of the ideas?
    • Michael: 1) The history of the community and collaboration project. Going back to the beginning and showing how we scaled up. 2) Modular Architecture: focusing more on building a platform rather than be an "out of the box" product. Looking at it from a technical perspective and how to organise that. 3) Open Architecture and interoperability work.
  • Dawn: Are we agreeing that this is worth pursuing? Even submitting one project.
    • Hamish: I think it's worth pursuing. People are very interested, and it's important to get those nuances out there (we're not Linux, or mozilla, etc)
    • Ben: Who is funding this?
      • Michael: Presenters have waived costs.
  • Dawn: Ben, Mike, and Michael could all present something or are interested in presenting.
  • Michael: Let's bring this up again on the call in 1-2wks.

2012 Implementers Meeting Updates

SMART Apps Round 2

Reference Implementations and their Role in the Road Map

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