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17 November 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Hamish Fraser
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Burke Mamlin
Dawn Smith
Ben Wolfe



Topic Leader(s)




Review of the Weekly Forums

Darius Jazayeri


Weekly Forums

Purpose: Reassess how the new schedule has gone and how to improve it

Adding Michael Downey and Mike Seaton to the Leaership List

Paul Biondich




Discussion about Leadership from Developing Countries

Burke Mamlin





Review of the Weekly Forums

  • Paul: We did a lot of prep with restructuring the meetings. We should re-asses this.
  • Darius: In the first few weeks the community gave us a lot of feedback, but the focus has dulled a bit on getting the calls organised.
  • Darius: For the Implementers Forum, it's divided between Andy, Chis, and Hamish. How is that going?
    • Andy: Maybe the fall off there has been people missing the calls. It's difficult to populate this call, and Chris, Hamish, and I also have a lot of commitments.
    • Andy: There's been difficulty in generating interest in the community.
    • Darius: Have we invited people to the list specifically or can we do a better job?
    • Dawn: For presenters, there are a couple already slotted for December, but I'm not sure its' realistic to present every week.
    • Paul: Get a dialogue to occur rather than just a presentation
    • Hamish: It's a struggle to find what motivates people to join.
    • Paul: There are people who are struggling with implementations, so it's something that people want to see.
    • Darius: Make sure one of the leaders: Chris, Hamish, and Andy is present and have Dawn advertise it.
  • Paul: How is the University forum going?
    • Darius: It's difficult to be consistent since it takes time to plan out ahead of time and contact people.
    • Burke: We need to have a recipe for the screencast so they know how to make it, share it, etc.
    • Paul: There are other organisations that are doing trainings around OpenMRS (Fogarty - Kemboi) there's a way to have Kenyans give some of those tutorials.
    • Hamish: Tap into Rowan and the training team in Rwanda since their time is winding down due to the end of the year.

Adding Michael Downey and Mike Seaton to the Leadership List

  • Mike Seaton
    • Hamish: Mike has stepped up in his leadership roles, coordinating a lot of core OpenMRS work, and he has a lot to contribute to streamline the workflows in OpenMRS. He already helps with a lot of the decision making in PIH which has a larger impact on OpenMRS.
    • Paul: It's a no brainer to add him
    • Darius: He's leading development for a bunch of sites with implementations and managing those resources.
    • Burke: Let's add him
    • Ben: Playing devils advocate: How will we go about adding people in the future? Is it based off how many sites they managed?
      • Burke: He has a great level of involvement in the community, and takes ownership of core modules. He uses OpenMRS and trying to improve OpenMRS and doing so in a community way.
  • Michael Downey
    • Ben: I agree we should add him to the list
    • Paul: Michael is a student now who came and found OpenMRS. He lives and breathes OpenMRS. He leads Google Summer of Code, acts as the lead mentor, maintains the infrastructure, and sees a long-term leadership role in the community. He does so much of the online presence: twitter, faebook, etc. Being in on these conversations allows him to better understand what's going on and how to relay that to the community.
    • Darius: He should be on the leadership team with the role that he plays in OpenMRS.
    • Burke: His heart is in the right place.


  • Dawn: Coordinate with each of the leaders for the weekly forums to plan out the future forums and the best plan (meet every other week, every week, etc)
  • Paul: Take the straw man Burke created and add in some type of criteria for adding people to the leadership list in the future.
  • Dawn: Inform the group when Paul's convos with Hopkins and UC are scheduled in case anyone else wants to join it
  • Paul: Send email to the Mikes to welcome to the group
  • Dawn: Add to agenda about assigning copyrights to the org.
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