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10 November 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Hamish Fraser
Dairus Jazyayeri
Burke Mamlin
Chris Seebregts
Dawn Smith



Topic Leader(s)




DBA: "Doing Business As" for the NGO

Dawn Seymour




Review of the Weekly Forums

Darius Jazayeri


Weekly Forums

Purpose: Reassess how the new schedule has gone and how to improve it

Process to Add New Individuals to the Leadership Group

Dawn Seymour




Distribution Update

Darius Jazayeri





Process to Add New Individuals to the Leadership Group

  • Burke's Straw man
    • Persons heavily invested in OpenMRS via time/action/leadership
    • Persons who can contribute to leadership level decision-making without making things personal/argumentative/religious – i.e., persons who put the good of the organization ahead of their own needs.
    • For the sake of argument, persons who could join any leadership call – e.g., if someone is inappropriate for the leadership calls, then they probably don't need to be on the leadership list. Not everyone on the list needs to join the calls, but it would be easier if we didn't try to manage "exclusive" calls on the list (or create a "really leadership" list to manage such calls).
  • Darius: Historically the leadership calls have been leadership of the OpenMRS project and discussions borader than just the what the OpenMRS project has been doing
  • Dawn: What are characteristics of individuals in the leadership group?
    • Hamish: Someone who is a user and a participant in the organization
    • Hamish: People who have key roles in their organizations, decision-making responsibilities, systems strengthening
    • Chris S: Individuals who are a part of the management team for the OpenMRS NGO
    • Darius: Chris mentions the "OpenMRS enterprise". In this leadership team we've tried to be that OpenMRS enterprise. Where did that go?
  • Dawn: Are there differences between the purpose of the leadership call and leadership email list, do they have different purposes? There are different types of leadership teams that we may need to consider. Hamish and another individual can be on leadership teams, but they wouldn't have the same roles based on their responsibilities and interests.
  • Dawn: What's the difference between the leadership call and the leadership email list?
    • Burke & Darius: They should have the same people.
    • Burke: We can grow over time, but another call and another list is not something that needs to be added.
  • Darius: Who would we have at the in-person leadership meeting?
    • Paul & Darius: Michael Downey and Mike Seaton need to be there
    • Burke: I think that's who we would extend leadership to in the community to keep growing
  • Chris S: How much emphasis do you plan to place on people's portfolio's?
    • Paul: We tried to say "here's your role and your responsibilities", but it only works well in some cases, not all.
    • Chris S: Having the advisory board and management team and having those differentiated has helped us, but perhaps it's not the right analogy.
  • Darius: We need to ask the question of how the leadership of the NGO will evolve is important?
  • Hamish: I say we discuss adding Michael Downey and Michael Seaton to the list

Distribution Update

  • Darius: December 9th, Christian and I will go to Chicago and talk to the people there that we need to at ThoughtWorks
  • Darius: We talked to Village Health Works on the next steps to understand what they need


  • 17 Nov: Focused 15min conversation on adding the Mike Seaton and Michael Downey to the list
  • 17 Nov: Focused 20min discussion to talk about leadership from developing countries (email Chris S for this)
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