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3 November 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Hamish Fraser
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Dawn Smith
Ben Wolfe



Topic Leader(s)



NGO Title Discussion

Dawn Seymour



Implementers Meeting Review

Dawn Seymour


Annual Conference

Paul's Talk with Roy Singham

Paul Biondich



OpenMRS Distribution Update

Darius Jazayeri



Processes to Add New Individuals to the Leadership List

Dawn Seymour




NGO Title Discussion

  • Indiana law requires NGOs be registered with one of 4 endings: Corporation, Incorporated, Limited, or Company
    • The Articles of Incorporation are currently filed as OpenMRS, Ltd., but this is seen as a corporate entity in the global setting
    • Vote to change to "Incorporated"

Implementers Meeting Review

  • Dawn: The goal for the 2012 Implementers Meeting is to set a place and date by the end of this year to get ahead of the game
  • Hamish: We need to have a funding game at an earlier time to work through the details and help with scholarships
    • Hamish: Need to work ahead of time to help with site visits since there was a bit of a scramble
      • Hamish: Understand the capacity of each site for participants
  • Paul: PIH's support helped greatly with this year's conference. We're also in a transition year, and now we better appreciate the work that goes into the conference.
    • Paul: Would be ideal to have someone from the leadership group help orchestrate the conference and work specifically with someone who can work on it on an operational level. We should put someone in place who actually spends his/her time thinking about the conference and understands the logistics.
    • Hamish: I agree. One person should be the owner of it on a leadership level, and then have a particular point person on the ground.
    • Andy: I think it's good for us to try and head back to Nigeria at some point in time. We don't have to make it for next year, but it would be ideal.
    • Hamish: I would be happy to lead the conference strategy again, but perhaps not next year. There was advantage this year in knowing the team in Rwanda and working not he ground.

Paul's Talk with Roy Singham

  • Roy Singham is the CEO of ThoughtWorks
  • Roy stopped in to the Indy office last week
    • Paul: ThoughtWorks has engaged with us on several different levels. I reached out to Roy for a chat, and he stopped into the Indy office. Roy focuses on that social capital is most important.
    • Paul: Would be great for TW and OpenMRS leadership to work together in a partnership and help each other. Understand what we need as a collective and help each other get it done.
    • Darius: We also need to talk to the CFO of ThoughtWorks
    • Paul: We need to make sure we understand the amount of work and the timeline required for the work

OpenMRS Distribution Update

  • Darius: This is still preliminary and a lot of moving parts, but we think we see a way where all of that can come together.
    • Darius: First thing is to build upon the OpenMRS platform using village health works application 2) build the framework from that and build more products like that (distributions that can be built quickly but also have quality)
    • Darius: It's good in the sense that they didn't originally decide to use OpenMRS, but if we can build something where they will want to switch from what they currently use to OpenMRS, then that tells a good story.
    • Darius: We already identified funders that are interested in this area
    • Darius: One one hand to ensure we build a great product (but that's not all we build), it would be important to have a separate organization to do the implementation of this. Also an idea of coupling orgs that have similar visions to do this kind of work.
      • 1) We need a stronger UI for
      • 2) Supporting multiple implementations and lower cost and workload
      • 3) Orgs that realise those two things are needed
    • Based on recent conversations the PIH Boston team wants to build a core app for sites. Jembi would be closely aligned with this because they need the same thing that PIH-Boston is willing to build.
    • Darius: What will tie this altogether is that we'll have collaborations with various orgs. If we have this ready to go with ppl who have similar visions and want to build similar things, there's a risk that people will get pulled into their individual projects. However, if we have help from people like ThoughtWorks, their devs can help strengthen the argument to keep contributing even if you have to slow down the production of the work
  • Darius: Christian is interested in being more of a project manager to head up the UI design of things, but also looking at different groups who need to use this platform and find common ways they fit together. I am more interested in the architecture. We can organize ourselves so we have implementation tasks to do at Village Health Works, but it's not a huge implementation. That means we have to do it really well.

Process to Add New Individuals to the Leadership List

  • Criteria
    • Persons heavily invested in OpenMRS via time/action/leadership
    • Persons who can contribute to leadership level decision-making without making things personal/argumentative/religious – i.e., persons who put the good of the organization ahead of their own needs.

Next Week's Agenda:

  • Process to Add New Individuals to the Leadership List
  • Do Business Name As (DBA) for the NGO

To Do:

  • Dawn: Add space to next week's agenda to talk about the Do Business Name for the NGO
  • Dawn: Set time up with Renee and Hamish to go back over the conference and add it to present documentation for future planners to use
  • Hamish: Have a spreadsheet available to show the expenses of the conference
  • Dawn: Post and publish 2011 Implementers Document for the wiki
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