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General Info

Topic: OpenMRS 1.9
Lead: Darius Jazayeri
Date: Sept 19th - Oct 9th 2011 (3 weeks)

Group Chat

via IRC on the #openmrs channel on freenode.

Use this channel for all sprint-related discussion:

  • to join the sprint
  • to ask what ticket to do next
  • to ask for help or guidance on a ticket
  • etc

Please avoid direct messaging to personal contacts. If you have a question, someone else probably does too, and our geographically distributed community benefits from public group discussion.

How to Participate

Add your name to the list on this wiki page (with any comments about your availability). If you want to join after the sprint has started just join the IRC channel mentioned above and say hello to bwolfe or djazayeri.

The general process:

  1. Pick a ticket from the available tickets in the top-left of the dashboard.
    • Make sure it does not depend on a ticket that is incomplete.
  2. If you have any questions about the ticket, ask on IRC
  3. Do the ticket
  4. Commit code and click "Committed Code" (preferred) or attach a patch and click "Request Code Review"



See this sprint's JIRA dashboard:

Or see


The goal of this sprint is to push hard to get 1.9 Alpha out the door in mid-October.

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