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30 June 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance



Topic Leader(s)




Finalizing Weekly Calls

Darius Jazayeri


Weekly Meetings

Purpose: Discuss the purpose of each call. Finalize the weekly calendar

OpenMRS Implementers Meeting

Dawn Seymour


Annual Meeting

Purpose: Agree upon and finalize the dates to host the conference during the 2nd week of October


OpenMRS Weekly Calendar Conversation:

  • Draft Calendar:
    • Wed 9-10a EST:  OpenMRS University (owned by Darius)
      • Teaching developers how to get started with development.  Combination of planned didactic sessions and "office hours"
    • Wed 2-4p EST:  OpenMRS Technical Design  (Owned by Ben)
      • Ensuring that the high priority development activities have proper broad design input
    • Wed 4-5p EST:  OpenMRS Project Management (Owned by Paul)
      • Making sure that weekly work activities are occuring, dealing with blockers, getting project status updates
    • Thu 9-10a EST: OpenMRS Implementer Community Call (Owned by Dawn with heavy leadership by Andy, Hamish, and Chris)
      • Demonstrations/presentations of implementation activities, introductions of new members, information sharing amongst sites
    • Thu 10-11a EST: OpenMRS Open Source Community Call (Owned by Burke)
      • Introduction/presentation of collaborating open source projects
      • GSoC WIP
      • Technical WIP
    • Thu 2-3p EST:  OpenMRS Leadership Call (Owned by Paul)
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1 Comment

  1. Unsolicited feedback:

    The meetings ideas are great. The names of these meetings are confusing. Some ideas that could help:

    OpenMRS Developer University
    Engineering Workshop
    Project Management
    Implementer Forum
    Community Forum
    Leadership Meeting