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05 May 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Chris Seebregts
  • Dawn Smith
  • Ben Wolfe


  • Road Map Meeting Justification - Burke (20min)
  • Re-envisioning OpenMRS calls - Darius (20min)
  • Organizational Updates - Dawn (20min)

Meeting Minutes

  • Road Map Meeting Justification
    • Paul: What are the goals of this meeting?
    • Burke: Benefit of annual implementers meeting provided an opportunity to bring core devs and core implementers together.
    • Darius: Implementers meeting has been very useful in the format that already exists for bringing together devs and implementers.
    • Darius: On the concept paper, put the names of anticipated participants
    • Paul: We need to figure out the time line and why the timing is important
    • Hamish: Would be great to have a US meeting for developers here that's easily accessible and productive
    • TODO: Burke and Dawn will work on listing out the participants in the concept paper
    • TODO: Paul and Dawn will list what the implementers meeting may not currently accomplish
  • Re-envisioning OpenMRS Calls
    • Darius: Still waiting to hear back from some of the group
      • We need to know more about what we want to discuss in regard to OpenMRS each week to make meetings more efficient
      • Group topics together in a group of calls
    • Paul: Hamish can help think of ways to engage implementers and have the space/time for them to come together on a regular basis
    • Paul: When you make the strawman, get owners of those meetings. Find people who will think of ways to get those meetings going.
    • Darius: Next step is to put down a strawman on how to synthesize this into 3-4 calls during a month (either weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)
  • Organizational Updates
    • Legal meeting on 11 May to transfer properties from the LLC to the Inc. (NGO)
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