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28 April 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Michael Downey
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Andy Kanter
  • Chris Seebregts
  • Dawn Smith
  • Ben Wolfe


  • Review Concept Paper for Summer Meeting and Discuss Details (10 min)
  • Strategic Plan for Documentation (10 min)
    • Considerations for an OpenMRS technical writer
  • Bylaws Discussion (15 min)
  • Infrastructure Update - Michael Downey (20 min)

Meeting Minutes

  • Infrastructure Update - Michael Downey
    • Infrastructure Design
    • Includes the RI network, OSUOSL, and Indiana University
    • Highlights
      • Keep Subversion where it is today - our vm was re-located to a more powerful host
      • OSUOSL - Fisheye and Crucible (used for code reviews)
      • Newest feature is system that OSU put together called SuperCell (another cluster of vm that live on an internal network and used for testing for open source projects)
        • Ideal home for OpenMRS labs and used for developers who need to do testing
      • Technical Barrier: supercell is on an internal network
      • IU Servers - Atlassian apps, public demos
        • We'd like to move this from IU hosting environment into their core service
      • Last column:
        • Have test environments where we can test upgrades and keep down time to a minimum since our global community tests around the clock
      • RI Network
        • Performance testing - we want it to replicate the real-world use of our system
        • May want to add more than 1 in the future for capacity reasons
    • Comments:
      • Paul-Is there anything missing from the architecture Michael put together?
      • Darius-Will we continue to have a demo of our most recent release or a nightly build demo?
      • Darius-Lay out more clearly what user acceptance testing will be
      • Andy-Hosting of OCC and production level services: where do those fit?
      • Paul-MIT, Columbia have a large infrastructure. Would they be willing to provide hosting and support for OpenMRS?
      • Darius-curious about costs and timeline
    • TODO: Michael-send out key terms for leadership group
  • Strategic Plan for Documentation
    • Paul-We have a lot to learn about how technical writers engage with a project
      • Possibly have a writer do a project for OpenMRS
      • Holly Moore sent some documentation on technical writers: expectations, responsibilities, etc.
    • Darius-find an awesome person who can be a technical writer and documentation lead OR find someone who is a good technical writer we manage them a little more closely
    • Chris-sub-specialties of technical writers: 1) writing grants, 2) documentation
    • Darius-Can we try a short-term contract just to help us get started and define our expectations?
    • Chris-We did that at Jembi. Find out what that individual is capable of and focus on the job specifications from there.
      • Extremely helpful with grant applications. Coordinated all the documentation to produce for grant applications.
    • TODO: Dawn will compile job descriptions from Holly and share it with the group
  • Summer Meeting Concept Paper
    • Reviewed concept paper
    • Need Burke's input - unfortunately he is out sick
      • Follow-up points:
        • Have Burke explain the justification of having this meeting so soon
          • A large part is based on relation to West Africa conference and available facilities
        • Is July too soon? What about October or November?
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