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General Info

Topic: 2.x Dashboard Fragments

Leads: Unknown User (darius)

Kickoff Meeting Date and Time: on IRC at 9:30am Eastern, Monday, April 4. (See other time zones.)

IRC Channel

#openmrs-sprint on freenode

Date: April 4th - April 10th 2011



The goal of this sprint is to get OpenMRS developers familiar with the upcoming 2.x UI framework, while simultaneously implementing some useful functionality. (We'll certainly discover some bugs in the pre-alpha framework too.)

Unknown User (darius) has written a style guide that all patient dashboard fragments in OpenMRS 2.x will follow, and has written a step by step tutorial that shows how to follow these practices while building the "patientIdentifiers" fragment.

You should do the following:

  1. Pick one of the "xyz fragment" tickets, and assign it to yourself
  2. Go through the step-by-step fragment tutorial, keeping your ticket in the back of your mind
  3. Implement a fragment for your ticket
    1. ask questions on IRC as they come up
    2. follow standard ticket procedures: attach a patch, request code review, etc
  4. Any bugs, issues, or limitations with the framework can be mentioned here:
    1. or, if you prefer, you can create a ticket directly, making sure to add Unknown User (darius) as a watcher, and if you have privileges set the ticket's fixVersion to 2.x UI Framework v0.8.


Review from previous sprint

What was not finished:

What could be done better:


(to be taken during initial sprint meeting)

Other Resources

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