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  • 2011-03-24 Developer Meeting
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  1. Notes taken for Concept Mapping updates

    • Show mapping as Map Type, Concept Source, and Reference Term; where Reference Term is "Name (Code)" if name is not null or just "Code" if name is null
    • Mappings should not be editable
    • Add Mapping should bring up mini form to pick type, pick source, then autocomplete for reference term within the chose concept source
    • Only allow mapping to existing reference terms
    • Prevent duplicates
    • When adding, don't add in name field; rather a reference term field
    • Add some helpful text at the top of Concept Map Type Management page
    • Replace concept_map_type with ConceptMapType, bake in the canonical types, CrossMapType & RelationType
    • Unretire of reference term should have confirm dialog
    • Autocomplete should indicate retired
    • Don't show retire reason until retire action is chosen
    • When displaying & editing mappings, don't show reference term in edit box