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General Info

Topic: Reporting Module bug fixes and features

Lead: Mike Seaton

Kickoff Meeting Date and Time: Monday March 21st 10am EST via Skype chat

Date: March 21 - April 3


Tickets and Progress

JIRA version: Reporting 0.6

JIRA dashboard: Dashboard


Nothing exciting was said at the opening meeting.

Wrap-up notes

How did we do?

There were 27 tickets in the Sprint. As of Friday close-of-business, here's what we expect by the official sprint end on Sunday:

  • Closed: 19
  • To be worked on next week: 2
  • Need Revisions (will happen over next two weeks): 2
  • Dropped from sprint: 3
  • Unknown: 1

Ticket Rundown

We actually have quite a few outstanding tickets at close-of-business Friday. The Sprint actually goes through Sunday, and some of these are small things, which people have committed to finishing over the weekend. But there are also some significant things left over. We'll see how frequently this happens in future sprints.

  • Daniel: REPORT-120 - Will complete by Sunday
  • Daniel: REPORT-166 - Will complete by Sunday
  • Wyclif: REPORT-206 - Will complete by Sunday
  • Rita: REPORT-108 - Work will continue next week
  • Balaji: REPORT-167 - Will spend next week working on this. (Ticket will be moved to a different project/version.)
  • Darius: REPORT-61 - Should be a quick-fix next week
  • Darius: REPORT-107 - Will complete in the next two weeks
  • Jeremy: REPORT-143 - Need to ping Jeremy about his plans

Three low-priority unassigned tickets got removed from the Sprint at the end: REPORT-170, REPORT-126, REPORT-93. (This is fine.)

Time actually spent on the sprint (of the 2 weeks)

  • Mike: 33%
  • Darius: 50%
  • Ben: 3% (2-3 hours)
  • Wyclif: 60%
  • Daniel: 50% (would have been 75%, but lots of going-back-to-Uganda-next-week distractions)
  • Rita: 50%
  • Balaji & Thoughtworks: ?

(That adds up to about 5 programmer-weeks, in which we expect to complete 19 tickets, and have 4 partially completed.)

What went well

  • Wyclif learned to use the module, and learned about 15% of the code.
  • Daniel also learned the reporting module, and could help people on IRC as a result. He learned technically from code reviews and comments. Most important lesson (learned the hard way): tell others your approach before diving in headfirst, in case it isn't right.
  • Mike thought it was really positive to get to work with other OpenMRS developers as a team. (It made him more likely to want to participate in future sprints.)
  • Darius learned to use JIRA to organize work in a helpful way.
  • Ben thought that the setup was great (picking tickets, and JIRA dashboard)
  • Ticket descriptions were generally pretty good. (Of course some could have been better.)

Things to do better next time

  • Get code into review faster. Do code reviews faster. (We had quite a few tickets go from review back to needs-work in the last day.)
  • Generally we need to get used to working as a team (ask questions early, code review early, iterate)
  • Don't use Skype (says Ben, who wants to ignore the chat unless it specifically flashes at him)
    • Definitely people who are participating <10% won't like a group skype chat
    • We'll try IRC next time
  • Fewer attached patches, more formal crucible reviews
    • Patches are harder to read (since whitespace changes aren't hidden), and discussion is unstructured
  • Don't add tickets during the spring (actually this only happened once, so we did pretty well).
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