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13 January 2011

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Hamish Fraser
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Burke Mamlin
Chris Seebregts
Dawn Smith
Ben Wolfe


Darius going to Medellin

  • Discuss prices of OpenMRS training

Leadership Meeting in Boston

Implementers Meeting Updates

Follow up with Paul on Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

Darius going to Medellin

  • Discuss prices of OpenMRS training
    • The group discussed previously setting training at $5kUSD plus travel
      • Using this price set from previous paid training opportunities for developers
  • Costs of 10hr training via Skype
    • $1250USD for the full 10 hours
    • Obviously excludes travel cost due to virtual training via Skype
    • Consider any additional time for lesson planning
  • Future trainings and consulting
    • Looking at ways in which proceeds consultants receive go toward that consultant for his/her services but also a percentage going forth to the nonprofit to grow it

Leadership Meeting in Boston

  • Occur 3-4 March
  • Time for strategic planning

Implementers Meeting Updates

  • Discussion around having one meeting per year focused on implementer and then satellite meetings at different points in the year
  • Participants in the 2010 Implementers Meeting said it was beneficial to have the conference so close to the time of Medinfo.
    • Ideal to replicate this
      • Propose to set up the conference around the same time as HELINA 2011
        • Conference should also occur in a location easily accessible for individuals within Africa and also individuals coming from outside Africa

Follow up with Paul on Board of Directors

  • Paul reached out to nominees previously discussed as a way to gather more information about the individuals' interests, previous board experience, prior work with open source organizations, and how they can best serve OpenMRS
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