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This page lists off the sprints completed in 2011. There is a different page for the current Sprint Schedule






Dec 26

Jan 1

Individual work


Planning notes: 26th-1st will only have half devs

Dec 12

Dec 25

Documentation and 2012 Q4 roadmap cleanup



Dec 5

Dec 11

1.9 Beta 2

Wyclif / Darius

Address 1.9 alpha bugs, and get the beta released

Nov 21 

Dec 4

1.9 Beta


Address 1.9 alpha bugs, and get the beta released

Nov 7

Nov 20

Release Process Sprint


Documentation, tooling, and automation to help us release and test releases faster.

Oct 17

Nov 6

1.9 alpha release


Oct 10

Oct 16



OpenMRS Implementer's Conference

Sept 19

Oct 9

1.9 Sprint 4

Darius Jazayeri

(Three weeks) 1.9 features, fixes, code review, cleanup. Get alpha out the door in mid-October.

Sept 5

Sept 18

Sync Module

Ben Wolfe and Maros Cunderlik

Fixes and features for the Sync Module

Aug 29

Sept 4

1.9 Sprint 3

Darius Jazayeri

A 1 week push to polish off work on Visits and Providers

Aug 15

Aug 28

SMART Container
1.9 Sprint 2

Ben Wolfe
Darius Jazayeri

Final features and fixes for the SMART Container module
Tickets/features/bugs related to the upcoming 1.9 release

Aug 1

Aug 14


Ben Wolfe

A push on features and bug fixes to get a beta release of the module and server published

Jul 18

Jul 31

2.x User Interface Sprint 2 

Darius Jazayeri

Improvements to 2.x UI Framework

Jul 5

Jul 17

1.9 Feature: Web Services

Ben Wolfe

Sprint on web services to finalize user stories and prepare the initial alpha module release

Jun 20

Jul 3

1.9 Features: Order Entry

Darius Jazayeri

Work on API Support for Order Entry (Design Page)



(catchup week, no sprint. finish reviews, etc from previous)


Apply volunteer patches, document, etc

May 30

Jun 12

Automated Release Testing

Ben Wolfe

May 16

May 29

1.9 Feature: Web Services

Ben Wolfe

Work on Enhanced Web Services (Design Page)

May 2

May 15

Bundled Module: XForms

Daniel Kayiwa

All about the XForms Module

April 18

May 1

1.9 Features: Concept Mapping, Visits, Multiple Providers

Darius Jazayeri

Work on Additional Attributes on Concept Map, Support for Visits (Design Page) and Multiple providers per encounter (Design Page)

April 11

April 17

Bug fixes

Ben Wolfe

Top-voted bug fixes, primarily from OpenMRS core/trunk

April 4

April 10

2.x Dashboard Fragments

Darius Jazayeri

Learn the 2.x UI Framework by writing patient dashboard fragments

March 21

April 3

Reporting Module v0.6

Mike Seaton

see JIRA tickets

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