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29 July 2010

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

  • Hamish Fraser
  • Andy Kanter
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Dawn Smith
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Chris Seebregts


  • Zanos International EMR Request
  • Nonprofit Organization Update
  • Implementers Meeting

Meeting Minutes

  • Zanos International EMR Request
    • Zanos International consulting requested help with EMR for various settings in Nigeria
    • Discussed the role of OpenMRS in the EMR utilization
    • Group provided list of possible contacts to help Zanos as well
    • Dawn will follow up with contacts and provide updates as needed
  • OpenMRS Nonprofit Organization
    • NGO Communication and Affiliated Organizations
      • Continue to communicate with affiliated organizations about the progress of OpenMRS into an NGO
      • Dawn can provide primary communication on this
    • Board of Directors
      • Provide list of nominees by end of the day Monday (2 August)
      • Narrow down the list to have a group discussion and finalize nominees on Thursday (5 August)
    • Documents
      • Dawn has almost completed necessary documents and will work with lawyers to finalize documents and submit everything by this September
  • Implementers Meeting
    • Mainly discussed the rate of applicant registration
      • Many are still finalizing their travel plans before submitting the registration papers
        • May consider leaving travel information off of next year's form to prevent delay of registration submission