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1 July 2010

In Attendance


  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (2.5 min)
  • Summer of Code updates - Group 3 continued
    • UI Framework Prototypes - Harsha Halgaswatta (15 min)
  • Quick update on go-live for JIRA and associated tools (30 min)
  • 1.7 Release update (10 min)
  • Monthly Roadmap Review - 1st Thursday of each month (1 hour)
    • Decide on Top Ten List for 1.8 Performance Improvements
    • Decide on ownership for each 1.8 line item
    • Plan on potential timing of hackathon
    • Start/refine process for picking trivial tickets for 1.8 (do we have this documented for 1.7?)
  • Update on the Simple Pharmacy, Billing & Hospital Systems in India
  • After-action review & next week's agenda (2.5 min)


Summer of Code Updates - Group 3

JIRA and dev tools

1.7 Release

  • More code review this afternoon. Sy intends to release alpha before the end of the day.

1.8 Update

  • Another call for performance feedback will be made to the implementer & developer communities.
  • Nareesa will work with Wyclif to identify the Top 10.


  • Next week agenda items:
    • Pharmacy & Billing modules
    • 1.8 update