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22 April 2010

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • Review Previous Minutes
  • Organization Update (15 mins)
    • Online Presence Update
    • Non-Profit Update
  • Roadmap Work (15 mins)
  • OpenMRS Implementers Meeting 2010 (10 mins)
  • OpenMRS Internship Program (10 mins)
  • Introduce Topics for Future Meetings (5 mins)
    • Proposal for feasibility study of NHS CUI and OpenMRS (possible calllin by Mike Bainbridge and Kit Lewis)
    • Jembi developer projects (Logic Service, Concept Collaborative etc)


Online Presence

  • We have secured two locations for our online presence, one at IU and one at OSUOSL
  • We intend to use IU's machine as a staging server, and host most of the production presence at OSU
  • Burke and Mike Downey will lead that conversation in developer's conference calls

Non-Profit Update

  • Dawn updated team on plans / work
    • Vision and Mission discussion for next week
    • Concurrent research on sole member LLC
  • Andy discussed how it's important to consider the implications between a private charity and a public charity
  • Darius mentioned his in his experience how important it is to get the vision/mission correct

Roadmap Work

  • Burke discussed his desire to put a stake in the ground on the release date for 1.7
  • Team began to brainstorm tactics towards scoping 1.8... talked about how Nareesa Mohammed and Hamish Fraser are producing a performance survey
  • Darius, Paul interested in seeing overview of ticket traffic... in typical Burke fashion, he already coded this function into Trac. (smile)
  • Will discuss moving towards a release date on today's developer's call

OMRS Implementers Meeting

  • Meeting date is set for 9-12 September, 2010
  • Wiki Page
  • OpenROSA interested in co-locating with our meeting
    • continued to want to be supportive of the community, many of the members have dual interest in OpenMRS
    • concerns about accommodation space at venue... is there enough room for both?
  • Chris talked about the likely interest of people attending that wouldn't normally be able, because of the MEDINFO 2010 meeting
  • Chris talked about potentially having people register for conference this year instead of go through the typical application process
  • ACTION: Dawn will help advertise the meeting on the announcement lists and other forums
  • ACTION: Dawn and Paul will work with Chris to investigate other funding oppportunities


  • OpenMRS has sponsored an internship program for a couple of years
  • We have a couple of slots available, desire to run these spots during Summer of Code period
  • Once we wrap up decisions on GSoC, we will quickly move towards a plan on selecting projects, mentors, and interns for OIP
  • Thought was that we could support at least one additional intern this summer

CUI Proposal

  • ACTION: Chris would like for us all to review the CUI proposal from the leadership list, to be discussed at the 05/06 conference call.

Jembi Developers

  • ACTION: Dawn, Paul, and Andy will talk with Chris on the leadership mailing list to get these projects moving forward