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  • 2009-06-11 Developers Conference Call
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11 June 2009

In Attendance

  • You
  • Mike Seaton
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Brian McKown
  • Paul Biondich



  • Darius is in Philadelphia representing Humanitarian free and open source software at a conference.
  • obs_id to order table. Yea/Nay?
  • Webcasts of OpenMRS training courses. Or pre-recorded videos.
    • Webstream approach to some of our meetings. Blip TV
    • Screencast software. ( BBFlashback for Windows)
    • Need to try to build a culture of creating screencasts.
  • Nos vemos en el ciberespacio!