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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program Working with MOH
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The working group got very busy in seeking the best manner to work with Ministry of Health (MoH).
The cases scenarios in mind were:
1) External collaborators asking collaboration
2) Regional public workers seeking engagement with MoH
3) Collaborating with MoH from a funding entity point of view

The group suggested the following objectives for open discussion

  • Following cultural customs, protocols
  • Process to suggest proposal for changing a Health Information System (to OpenMRS)
  • Process to identify the right stakeholders within MoH in order to work with it
  • Identify relevant political factors ( Not fully discussed due to time limitation)
  • Defining ownership within the MoH and how to handle it
  • Balance between ICT solutions and partnerships

The discussion among all members was very productive by each of them from different countries shared their experiences in
activelly working with their respectives MoH. It was clearly a need to define some of the above objectives in more details.

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