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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program UI Changes
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Topics we discussed (nobody took notes):

  • Looks better
  • Flows better
  • Consistent
    • Need a style guide
      • one for administrative pages
      • one for user pages
  • Easier to program, Data Driven
  • Supports Rapid Application Development
  • Not just forms
  • Task-oriented, and wizard-y
  • Find a designer who will love us
  • Not just one UI. Let people experiment and share
  • Work on framework in parallel to style guide
  • Need Usability Testing

People who want to be involved in UI improvement going forwards:

  • Isaac
  • Carola
  • Chris Kelley (ckelley@rti.org)

Next Steps post Meeting:

1) Set up a testing plan
2) Ask the lidership team the aim of the usability testing
3) Provide a list with priorities by the end of the month ( may be ask Darious, Justin, MIke???= Please help to make this happen
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