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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program Supporting Hospital Information Systems
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  • Registration Module
    • Talked about existing examples: registration module, amrsregistsration module, pihprimarycare module, Baobob's work
    • Discussed handling Universal ID cards
    • Biometric identification
      • Carl pointed out that they use biometrics as authorization rather than authentication – i.e., find the patient through ID card and/or demographics and then confirm with biometrics
      • Would everyone use biometrics or should that feature be toggle-able? Not everyone would use biometrics
  • Inpatient module
  • Pharmacy/Drug Management
  • Lab Module
  • Billing Module
    • Have associated price with orderables
    • Might help to add "account" attribute to new visit object
    • Recommended getting additional experts involved to realize a full system
    • Consider looking at Bamboo Invoice
    • Integration with insurance schemes
  • Advanced Reporting

"Crawl before you walk". Start with some simple functionality within modules and evolve into integration with other systems.

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