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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program Presenting Peer-reviewed Papers
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Members Number: 14 people
Venue: Breakaway 2
Time: 12-13 pm
Presenter and Facilitator Dr Hamish Fraser

1) Introductions
All members provide some short summary of their publication direction.
Examples include: Policy and strategies, Experiences in implementation process of OpenMRS, Training and Capacity Building in Kenya, Scaling implementation of OpenMRS to 12 sites, Pakistan experience implementing OpenMRS such as program management, Holistic Approach to evaluate 3 sites using OpenMRS, India experience in mobile applications.

2) Background
Dr Fraser shared his own academic and publishing experience in Medinfo since 1996. Great insight of the process to write the publication in a tidy and structure manner.
Members ask questions and clarification between different approach to manage their interest in writing a paper.
Factors to include in a paper were discussed and demonstrated in details, including a section about some work requiring ethical approval. Also, volunteers were available to help first timer in this publishing process.
Colleagues working in Africa provide some interest in including change of behaviors of people using this technologies and how this impact the community. Emphasizing the importance of providing feedback to the community at the point of collection.

3) Demonstration of sections of publishing as Principles

First Section

Describe the problem
Demonstrate an understanding of the issue
Make the case of the issue
Cite a reference in this section to support your definition of the issue
Second Section''

Describe the innovation proposal or performance
The author may ask: what is the innovation? What is the solution to the defined problem? what is the approach utilized

Several examples were given by Dr Fraser
Third Section''

Describe the process followed to achieve the solution, innovation, openMRS
Describe as many aspect the process presented
Fourth Section''

Describe the context
Number of users
Technical requirements
Examples given in details and discussion amongst members

Fifth Section''
Provide some insight of the evaluation of the process, solution or approach
Questions that the author may ask are: How this is use? How the data is managed? Who can use it? When is use OpenMRS?

Finally, the referencing style is critical. Must include journal reference, not newspapers.

The following resources will be provided shortly:

1) Presentation of this great meeting conducted and facilitated by Dr Fraser
2) List of reference of this type of publications, this will be email by request
3) List of Health Informatics Journal for publishing post Medinfo work

4) Summary
Please members that you have participated in this session, encourage all our colleagues to publish ......or PERISH.

[archive:Note___Volunteers are available by request to review papers prepare by first timers. Please email before the end of tomorrow to organize the respective mentor.

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