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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program Mobile Experiences
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Wed 16 Sept 2009

Mobile fair - demo after dinner - 8:15pm

Usage Scenarios

  • Not all care takes place in clinic - broadening to household care
  • Distributing care within the community
  • Create cohorts (lists) and people go out and visit the people on the list
    • Maybe use sms's to notify responsible care worker
  • Mobile health workers
    • Follow up care
      • patient assigned to healthcare worker
      • healthcare worker assigned to catchment area
  • Lab sample collection
  • Demographic surveillance
  • Kenya scenario
    • Android phones
      • Wireless sync instead of cable
      • Camera on phone used to scan barcodes
      • GPS on phone

Technology needs

  • OpenMRS module to provide service to send sms messages
    • Standard protocal for communicating with sms systems (xforms)
      • messaging standard - message delivery acknowledgements etc
      • workflow issues - notifications, acknowledgements
      • Where does the trigger logic lie, in OpenMRS of in messaging system

Use Cases

  • Patients interact with OpenMRS directly
    • When is my next appointment?
    • Patient submit blood glucose reading for diabetes management.
    • Security issues
    • Patients access to their own patient data.
      • Experience from US is that can create anxiety in patients due to misinterpretation of their data.
      • Need both personal health care records as well as clinician records.
  • Messages to the patient - alerts, appointment reminders
    • Based on the state of the patient in the DB
    • e.g. Immunizations and health service delivery
    • Model the state of the patient in an interesting way
      • e.g. A mother gets visited - can calculate when the next visit should be
        • Send message to mother to inform her of the next visit date
        • If mother doesn't come, when do you respond, what message to send to the community health worker?
        • How do you deal with out of service numbers?
  • Mobile health workers
    • Use cases driven by cost, policies, needs of communities.
    • Interaction of healthcare worker with eachother
      • Use sms for coordination
    • Interaction of healthcare worker with patients
      • Simple forms (20 fields)
      • Data Collection - gather info at point of care - simple to complex data
        • What is the point at which you need a more sophisticated device e.g. netbook?
      • View data at point of care - Look at data to make decision at point of care


  • Patient ID's
    • Laminated barcoded card give to patients - use camera on phone to scan
    • What about new patients / patients that don't have a card?
      • Do background patient matching to look for possible similar patients
  • In mobile, you are disconnected from OpenMRS database

Venue: Tree Tops

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