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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program MDR-TB Module
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Dave gave a brief overview of some of the features.

  • Can use HTML or InfoPath forms
  • Can configure regimens via an XML file

Upcoming Changes

  • Significant performance loss in OpenMRS 1.4, because there are lots of concept lookups that are effectively cached. Caching is being added to the next version (planning on caching all metadata on module load).
  • New CAT4 treatment card
  • Plan to add sample ID
  • Plan to create a new installer using OpenMRS 1.5 (expected by end of 2009), including use of concept mapping to allow the module to be added to an existing system being used for HIV or other non-TB treatment


  • To see differences between dates
  • Would like to have a single TB module so that MDR-TB isn't separate
  • Enhancements for GIS functionality
  • Allowing externally collected data (e.g., data collected during DOT through mobile collection) to be integrated into the views


  • Chris Seebregts spoke about how they have combined systems to have a single system for his team's needs
  • Hamish spoke about how PIH is working on a faster data entry tool for rapidly registering and entering simpler data on patients
  • Discussed mechanisms for transferring patients
  • Chris gave some history of work done in Botswana
  • Discussion of how we could move toward a single, integrated system (MDR-TB, TB, HIV, etc.)
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  1. Unknown User (seelro)


    i am going to implement OpenMRS MDR-TB program in my country. many developers have worked on it. can you give the link to download the MDR-Tb program Virtual Machine.