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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program Implmentation Issues
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  • Issues with running multiple instances of OpenMRS on a single server
  • How to restrict data
    • Allow a server to show only data specific to a particular program (filter data)
    • Limit access to specific observations (e.g., HIV status)
  • Issues with upgrading OpenMRS (improving)
  • How to share data across sites (single server and WAN vs. remote data entry)
  • Need for handling derived concepts
  • MDR-TB module
  • Using SAS to "flatten" data and do reports, would like to define indicators for reports
  • Data validation during data entry
  • Bulk operations across a group of patients
  • Would like to limit cycles used by cohort builder
  • Auto-updating of regimens
  • Would like to be able to customize the patient dashboard
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