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  • 2009 Implementers Group Meeting Program Data Mining
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Data Mining – Monday 3 pm


  • Data use
    • research (usually flat files for analysis with SAS)
    • MOH, PEPFAR, and USAID indicator reporting
    • Data quality reports
    • Internal quality improvement programs
    • Outreach to patients missing appointments
  • Need to get indicators defined clearly in terms of database concepts
    • Use SQL for queries
    • Don't use cohort builder because of complexity of indicators
  • Would like tools to layout a template and indicate data source for each
  • OpenMRS DB is replicated, one for transactions, the other for reporting


  • similar to AMPATH
    • create datasets for projects
    • patient summary sheets
  • BIRT problems of version compatibility
  • use SQL because of poor performance
  • access OpenMRS DB via ODBC from STATA
  • would like to improve SQL skills

PIH Malawi

  • Using SQL and BIRT
  • Same difficulty extracting indicators form DB
  • Generating data quality reports
  • Using temporary normalized tables to generate reports faster
  • Patient-summary tables are update with each DB change
  • Discussion of Malawi data warehouse
    • Based on ART HL7 message
    • Malawi did harmonization of data between 2 systems
    • Sites can exchange HL7 regardless of system type
    • Data warehouse will be merged contents of all sites

Roger Friedman's comments

  • many of these issues have been dealt with in other workshops
    • data quality, indicator reporting
  • problem of performance is due to EAV data storage by Open MRS
    • very common to have separate DBs of different structures for transactions and reporting
    • would be better to calculate indicators, store them elsewhere (CRIS?)
    • queries would be more straightforward
  • to improve SQL skills, key is to think in sets rather than procedurally
    • query optimizers are good, can perform seemingly hard queries quickly
    • self-joins are often important for comparing subsequent visits

Justin Miranda talked about new report framework

  • handlers are at Hibernate level

Tanzania household survey

  • discussed how households could be added to OpenMRS
  • think it is a good idea because of so much community health worker activity
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