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16 October 2008

In Attendance

  • Hamish Fraser
  • Mike Seaton
  • Justin Miranda
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Brian McKown
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Tammy Dugan
  • Andreas Kolleger
  • Nyoman (Win) Ribeka
  • Saptarshi Purkayastha
  • Paul Biondich
  • Martin Were
  • Dave Thomas


  • Andreas to give high level walk-through of changes in core code from the concept_name_tag merge.
  • Update on new website(s) – svn, dev, Verio hosting options
  • Logic-a-thon planning
  • Time-permitting, can we discuss the pros/cons of having an OpenMRS bug-tracking module?


  • Website update from Justin
    • Started the migration on Tuesday but wasn't able to log on due to a site wide problem with the OSU servers
    • Would be nice to get description of OSU backup procedures (backup vm completely?)
    • Burke installed Confluence on VM3 but not ready yet.
      • Want it to have single-sign-on.
        • Atlassian has hooks for subversion/trac. Maybe not forum.
        • None of us have extensive experience setting up LDAP server.
      • Want Fish-eye, etc.
  • Logic-a-thon Planning
    • Will check again with Sandy about plane tickets to Indy.
      • Darius, Justin, Mike will come to Indy. Dave has Peru trip planned.
    • Reviewing Tammy's logic-todo.doc distributed on developers' list.
      • Discussed "asOf" operator: sets the index date.
      • Discussed logic service cache.
        • Tammy will review/comment on ehcache jar in OpenMRS, its effectiveness and possible alternatives if necessary.
      • Importance of deciding optimization strategy now instead of optimizing later.
      • Categorize and prioritize Tammy's list
        • Which items will we work on in logic hack-a-thon.
        • Which items can be a ticket.
        • Which items other people can work on.
    • Logic-a-thon will focus on coding and not on design.
    • Tammy will work toward merging trunk to logic branch and then logic branch into trunk.
    • Summarize what logic does prior to logic-a-thon.
      • Update wiki page with overview and example code.
  • Overview of Concept_name_tag merge
    • Concept name vs. form fields?
    • Concept name distinguishes between things like: Lou Gherig's disease and ALS
    • Why are we storing on Obs the specific name for question as an option?
    • Concept Dictionary should represent reality.
      • Creating different concepts for each version and be able to treat them as one concept.
      • The prompt would be in the form definition.
      • Idea is to have flexibility on the form. (It is a view of a concept.)
      • Capture all contexts and what happened when recording.
    • How is concept_name_id used in Obs?
      • Obs.setConceptName(ConceptName name)
      • Quick patch that disables method on Obs and convert it in process of switching to form field.
    • Edit Concept
      • Can add locales (may take that away)
      • Can add mappings.
      • Support for tags.
        • Capability to distinguish between synonyms for a concept that could be a bar code or unofficial jargon. Like hidden synonyms.
        • Concept proposals can be tagged (multi-purpose use of tags).
    • Case Preserving. Case Insensitive. (universal thumbs-up to that.)
    • We cannot find the concept name wiki page. We love mediawiki but are really leaning towards confluence.
    • TODO
      • Temporary patch to disable Obs.setConceptName() and later remove it (add back in later as form field reference).
  • It would be awesome to set up an httpunit framework.
  • Thumbs down on bug-tracking module
    • Thumbs up on a hook in OpenMRS such as a feedback module
      • This could automatically e-mail or hook to JIRA/Trac and add what page/obs/concept/stacktrace/version etc.
    • Would*not send any patient data.
      • Insert Feedback icon viewable on any/all pages that would gather current context and let them add description and then make api call to tracking software.