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14 August 2008

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Sheraz F Noormohammad
  • Chase Yarbrough
  • Darius Jazayeri




  • Mark will have call with Trinity interns, Burke, and Darius
  • Release should have a suffix on it. It will be such as: "1.4.0 dev"
  • TODO: Fix the OpenMRS installer. (The virtual appliance Yaw made is awesome. Kudos to Yaw. Burke said it's Yawesome!)
  • Upul and Ben review Tribe Module
    • Tribe was on patient object and Upul moved it to Person Attribute in the tribe module.
    • Demonstration on
    • TODO: Get manage tribe in patient section to disappear.
    • TODO: Fix edit patient page.
    • Liquibase libarary to do SQL updates when you start the war file.
      • No need for sqldiff
      • SQL changes in xml file.
      • TODO: Be sure that we can do custom stuff to run straight sql instead of xml.
      • When war does not start... a separate process will allow configuration before startup to apply updates.
        • Click yes to step through updates. Click no to go back to "you need to update" page.
        • Should have a log-in to have permission to run update. Instead of 1st person to URL gets to update it. :-0
          • possibly set up secret password in config in order to access update
      • Runs on any database - not just MySQL.
      • Other candidates other than Liquibase to support Groovy/Ruby/C# web layers?
  • Unit-a-thon
    • Review hotel arrangements
    • Review test examples
    • Testing against Use-Cases vs.a Service (as we discussed last week).
    • Establish conventions for submitting code. (e.g.: Eventually commits must include tests or you lose commit privileges.)
    • Output
      • Straw man approach.
      • How do we manage progress.
      • Developers that spend a good amount of time in code reviews.
      • Make it ridiculously simple for someone to contribute to Unit tests.
        • Page - How to contribute Unit tests.
    • Potential Plans
      • Straw man on Thursday O-|--<
        • Priority List - what code are we going to touch.
        • Testing Roadmap with scratch notes.
      • Gold Standard / JUnit BestPractices and Antipatterns
      • Pair off and test methods.
      • Must be writing test code by the afternoon on Thursday.
  • Migration of OpenMRS Wiki to Atlassian products
    • Huge endeavor to port all of our previous content. Burke will rewrite by hand. Just kidding.
    • Probably planning to continue use of Trac instead of trying to migrate to JIRA.
  • Saptarshi discusses Registration Module
    • Request for Jaxen library in core. (2x faster than Saxon)
    • Saxon currently is used in core.
      • Should not code against dom4j but rather code against the JAXP interfaces.
    • Implementation of offline support.
      • Sending Patient Registration information to central server.
      • Central server overwrites remote database
      • Remote Registraton Module could save registration to xml file to by synced with central server at any time.
      • Abstracting new information from patient registration. Don't rely on patient_id.
      • Add all patients back in that were registered since the last overwrite of the remote database.
      • Diagram process from completely disconnected --> intermittently disconnected --> completely connected.
    • Current features:
      • Patient search via jQuery using Ajax
      • Bar Code support to automatically open patient summary page
      • Patient summary page can be printed and given to physician
      • Register new patient
        • Can put in patient information.
        • Global Propery Option to upload patient identifiers or enter them manually.
        • If uploading set of identifiers, they are stored in xml file and given to each subsequent new patient.
      • TODO: Customization of summary page.
    • Tag as version 0.x and solicit feedback from those who download it.